POS Bridge.

Streamline your omni-channel operations through the integration of e-commerce and POS.

Key Features

Key Features
Inventory connected online

Instant inventory reconciliation allows you to, simultaneously, manage in-store and online ordering capacity, thus ensuring no order is forgotten.

Multiple POS systems, one online platform

NOQU POS Bridge allows your online ordering platform to communicate to multiple POS systems. If you are moving from one POS system to another or keeping the old with the new, constant connectivity between all your POS systems and online store is achieved.

24/7 99.99% UPTIME

That’s right, 99.99% of the time, we guarantee complete connectivity which means you can count on every order being fulfilled.

Global partner to the most powerful POS providers

Micros Comtrex NCR Silver Brink POS Digital Barriers Apple Pay Worldpay Ingenico Braintree

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